DIY Carpet Cleaning? Don’t!

If you've decided to keep the current carpet in a home and you’re a DIY enthusiast you might find yourself considering cleaning your carpets yourself. After all, you have already heard that there are carpet cleaning machines that can be hired [...]

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2 Bathrooms > 1 Bathroom

There are two rooms that will often sell a home. The first room is the kitchen in the home. Buyers want open space in the kitchen, storage, amenities, updated appliances and dining space too. The next most important room is the bathroom. Or, I [...]

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solar panels


Low Energy Offers High Value

A recent trend in remodels and homes is the advent of energy-efficient construction materials and technology.Manufacturers are designing methods of insulation, weather protection, heating and cooling that are more energy-efficient than in [...]

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install new roof


Do New Roofs Increase a Home’s Value?

Here is a general rule of thumb when it comes to the repairs and upgrades on a home that will increase its value. The more foundational the repair, the higher the value increase.A luxury upgrade to a home such as installing a pool will not [...]

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Do Swimming Pools Increase a Home’s Value?

There are several great reasons to consider installing a pool in your home’s yard. Pools are very fun and wonderful for families with small children and for entertaining. There is nothing better than jumping in your own pool on a hot or humid [...]

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Your Home. Your Investment.

Your home is more than shelter. Your home is an investment. You need to perform routine maintenance on your home, repairs and the occasional upgrade in order to ensure your home’s value rises each year you live in it.I have over 15 years’ [...]

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