2 Bathrooms > 1 Bathroom


There are two rooms that will often sell a home. The first room is the kitchen in the home. Buyers want open space in the kitchen, storage, amenities, updated appliances and dining space too. The next most important room is the bathroom. Or, I should say, bathrooms.

In 2017, you must have at least two full bathrooms in your home in order to receive a good value for your home. The days of a one-bathroom or one-half bathroom homes are over.

This means if you only have one bathroom, you need to find a way to add on another to the home. You can either repurpose an additional bathroom or extra closet space, build a bathroom in the basement or add an extension onto the home.

I recommend adding a full size bathroom with a shower at a minimum. For this addition, you will need about 30 square feet of space in the home to work with. For a bathtub, you will need about 35 square feet. If you don’t have that size available, you can still add a half-size bathroom in 18 square feet of space.

The total cost of the addition will depend on the materials used and whether or not you hire a professional home contractor and plumber. I would hire a professional and find ways to cut costs on materials and décor. You want the job done right so the bathroom passes the home inspection.

Young buyers want to feel they’ll be able to grow into a home and start a family there which means an additional bathroom is essential.

Here is the good news. This upgrade is well worth the investment. Upgrading from a one-bathroom home to a two-bathroom home can produce an 80% ROI or even a 130% ROI.

You can produce a large profit with the addition of a second bathroom in your home. This is the best ROI of any home repair or upgrade available to home sellers and one you must pursue if you are trying to sell or increase the value of your one-bedroom home.

For questions on which upgrades or repairs to pursue for your home, please send them with my online contact form.