Better Investment: Carpet or Hardwood Floor?

hardwood floor

Different rooms in a home, such as the bathroom, can increase the value of a home while some upgrades and additions, such as a swimming pool, can devalue the resale of a home. How about flooring?

Flooring in a home is a major financial investment. You want to choose the type of floor that best suits your lifestyle, but as with any repair or upgrade in your home, you should consider the investment benefits as well.

The two primary choices for flooring in a home are hardwood floor and carpet. In the late 20th century, carpet was the most popular choice for flooring in a home but in recent years, more and more homeowners are choosing hardwood floor instead.

Hardwood has become a staple of modern and contemporary décor and younger generations prefer it to carpet.

The question is, which type of floor do buyers prefer and which type will return the best value when it comes time to sell your home?


There are two primary benefits of carpet over hardwood floor:

(1) Comfort

A carpet floor offers much more comfort than a hardwood floor. This is true in two ways. One way is that carpet is plush and will cushion your step. The other is that carpet is warm and provides insulation in a room.

(2) Color

The color options for carpet are endless. You can choose neutral tone colors of carpet or bright and bold colors and patterns. The color you choose depends on your own décor taste but there are no lack of options and you are sure to find a color and/or pattern you love.


Here are the benefits of hardwood floor over carpet:

(1) Durability

A hardwood floor can last an entire lifetime if you want it to. You need to be careful to avoid deep scratches on the surface of the floor but otherwise it will maintain both its color and quality for decades.

(2) Care

Hardwood floor is very easy to care for. You need to clean it with a hand towel or push mop one or two times each week. This does require more effort than vacuuming carpet but it is done much less often. To care for a carpet, you need to vacuum it at least 3-5 times every week. You also need to schedule professional carpet cleaning every year which mitigates some of the cost benefits of initially choosing carpet for your flooring.


You probably already guessed it, but new buyers prefer hardwood floor. Buyers are attracted to the durability of hardwood floor and the security in knowing it will last as long as they want it to. This allows new buyers to invest their money into other upgrades or repairs in the home. Hardwood floor also offers more design flexibility with rugs and other accessories.

If you can afford the initial cost, you should choose real hardwood floor for your home. You and your family will love it and you can recoup most of the cost of it when it comes time to sell your home. No one ever regrets installing hardwood floors in their home.